Unexpected roadside emergencies can happen to anyone. For that reason, Reynolds Collision Center recommends that every driver has a kit in their car. When making your roadside emergency kit, there are several things you will want to prioritize.

Basic tools, for example, may help you get back on the road. Jumper cables are an obvious one, and a universal screwdriver comes in handy as well. A flashlight is another important tool that can help you see what you are doing after dark. We recommend a crank flashlight or carrying extra batteries.

In some cases, all you can do is wait for help to arrive. For that reason, it is key to have fresh water and non-perishable snacks in your vehicle. In the winter, you will also want thick gloves, a hat, and a blanket. Your cell phone may be the most powerful tool in your arsenal if you have a roadside emergency, so be sure to travel with a way to keep it charged.

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