Tires can become misaligned from regular use or if you accidentally hit a pot hole or a curb. You may have heard that aligning your tires is important, but do you know why? There are a few potential problems that could arise when your tires aren't lined up properly.

Your tires could begin to wear down unevenly. This can lead to decreased fuel efficiency, and it can also cause a vibration in your steering wheel. In addition, tires that are worn down unevenly may make more road noise when traveling around Orange. Your safety is a concern, too. Tires that wear down in certain spots may experience issues with traction or structural integrity, and you definitely don't want to create a risky situation when you're behind the wheel.

Since tires can get knocked out of alignment during everyday drives, it's important to schedule periodic alignments. We can help you at Reynolds Collision Center if you'd like.

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