Your tires may be the most important aspect of your vehicle's ability to drive in a stable and secure fashion. Keeping them in optimal condition requires that you perform regular tire rotations. Here at Reynolds Collision Center, we are going to go over the process of tire rotations and why they are so important.

Regardless of the driving conditions in Orange, VA, all tires have a definitive lifespan. Wear-and-tear is an inevitable part of driving, and the degree of this damage dictates how often you need to replace your tires. If you take care of your tires well, they can easily last over five years. But if they take significant damage, they need to be replaced immediately.

Rotating tires is the best way to reduce uneven wear on your tires. On average, tires need a rotation a minimum of once a year in order to effectively prevent the accumulation of excessive wear on one side of your vehicle. Since you should be scheduling maintenance appointments twice a year, you can easily schedule rotations during these appointments.


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