If you have experienced a rear-end collision, you can count on our body shop to return your vehicle to its former condition. Our collision center offers specialized equipment and certified expertise to restore your vehicle. With rear-end collisions being the most reported car accident in America, with around 6 million accidents a year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), our team has plenty of experience repairing damages of all levels of severity.

Why Get Rear-End Collision Repair?

Addressing a rear-end collision will ensure you avoid more preventable damage and keep your car running smoothly. Even though damage from a rear-end collision can seem minor, there can be internal damage that is less obvious and detrimental to your vehicle. A rear-end collision can cause damage to your suspension, frame, or trunk.

Some of the red flags after a rear-end collision include:

  • Unusual steering wheel vibrations
  • Pulling in one direction
  • Steering wheel isn't centered when driving straight

Contact us today to make an appointment if you have been in a rear-end collision and need repairs.

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