Several reasons can make your car fail to start. When you want to know the specific reason making your vehicle unable to start, the best place to begin your search is on the ignition switch. Several signs on your car show it’s time you need to visit an ignition repair expert in Orange, VA.

One common sign of a faulty ignition is when your key fails to turn. When your vehicle has a faulty ignition, it may shut off, especially while moving down the highway. The starter motor is supposed to produce a sound when you put the key on the ignition and turn it. If you don’t hear any sound when you twist the key, chances are your ignition requires a repair or replacement service.

If your car cannot start because of a bad ignition, look for an expert to quickly fix the problem at hand before it causes additional issues. For professional ignition service and maintenance in Orange, visit Reynolds Collision Center. Our team of mechanics can fix any ignition problem your car may have.


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