Before you drive off your car, you always ensure you have a spare wheel for emergencies. A flat tire event is unpredictable, but if you have a spare wheel you shouldn’t worry much. Follow the following simple procedures to replace a flat tire.

1) Find a safe place and park your vehicle away from oncoming traffic
2) Switch on your hazards before and after you park the car
3) Check if you have the required materials

These include:

  • Gloves
  • Flashlight
  • Kneeling mat
  • Jack
  • Tire gauge

4) Remove the wheel cover and loosen the lug nuts
5) Lift the vehicle off the ground using a jack
6) Remove the loose lug nuts and the flat tire
7) Replace the spare tire
8) Replace and tighten the lug nuts
9) Put back the wheel cover
10) Lower the vehicle and tighten the lug nuts again

After you finish tightening the lug nuts, put back every piece of equipment safely into the car. Switch off the hazard lights and get back on the road.


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