With the onset of the winter season and the cold weather associated with it, road safety is essential. One of the most common occurrences during winter is slides and slips on the icy terrains. It has been observed that most slides occur when driving at 43 miles per hour or higher. The following are some of the ways you can correct a slide on an icy surface:

1. Don't hit your brakes—Braking is more likely to worsen the situation by making the car lose control abruptly. When speeding and a slide occurs, do not brake automatically.

2. Turn into the slide, or more simply, embrace the slide. This is best done by turning your front wheels to face the same direction that the vehicle's rear is sliding. Don't let the car slide further by turning hard.

3. Maintain calmness—most drivers panic and usually overreact by over steering, resulting in the car spinning.


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