It is important to service your brakes for safe driving around Orange. We at Reynolds Collision Center want you to be aware of signs your brakes may need repairs

A common sign of brake pedals needing repairing is softness or falling to the floor. This could mean air got into the brake system or a fluid leak with the master cylinder. Vehicles that pull to the side may indicate an issue with low brake fluid, a caliper, or brake hose. A bad brake system sometimes causes an odor that smells like chemicals, and you should try to pull over when you smell it. This commonly occurs on steep roads from overheated brakes or clutch issues. Ensure the parking brake hasn't bene activated and let the brakes cool to avoid burning brake fluid.

When you frequently use brakes, the friction eventually causes the padding to get thinner. Thinner padding causes the brake pedals to grind against the metal, causing squealing or squeaking, which indicates they may need repairing.


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